At 2200 Thursday May 25 CenpacNet's Internet traffic was re-routed via the 64 Kbps satellite / Telstra link following repairs to RONTEL's Earth Station.  All the restrictions listed below have now been removed.

        At 2030 Thursday April 20 RONTEL's C.E.O. advised that inbound international telephone calls are now possible with the '222' VOIP system via  TNZI-PACTEL-RONTEL.  Therefore, both international inbound and outbound telephony / fax service is available.

        On Monday morning, April 10, CenpacNet's 64 Kbps link became unavailable due to equipment failure within RONTEL's Earth Station.

        By Tuesday afternoon, April 11, CenpacNet's internet traffic was being carried via the '222' telephone service's Satellite / Internet provider.  This allowed CenpacNet's customers to send / receive email both locally and internationally.  It also allowed web browsing as normal.

        However, this has impacted on the quality of service for RONTEL's voice over IP telephone and fax service caused by CenpacNet's traffic consuming the majority of RONTEL's 256 Kbps satellite link, during peak usage periods

        Therefore it is necessary to restrict CenpacNet's traffic usage until repairs are completed to RONTEL's Earth Station.  This is being done by restricting web browsing / surfing during peak periods.

        Until further notice, between the hours of 1100 and 1600, on normal working days, only email access will be provided.  Email traffic to and from Nauru will be unaffected.  During the hours of 1600 and 1100  all services will be available.  The Internet Cafe located at the Civic Center will not be affected as bandwidth usage is controllable by hardware.

        Please check this page regularly for further updates.       

        1.  Updated 1400 Hr Wednesday April 19.

        2.  Updated 0800 Hr Thursday April 20.

        3.  Updated 0930 Hr Friday April 21.

        4.  Updated 0930 Hr Friday May 26.